duminică, 28 octombrie 2012

what to do if the hurricane comes

what to do if the hurricane comes
what to do if sandy
what if hudson comes cause hudson is just around the corner
oh this peaceful river almost a fetish the only arrow to new york on the map
what if it takes our cardboard house
(light as a matchbox)
far away
to another shore perhaps
where there’s no valley covered with yellow
and no one is smoking his hookah every night under the window
what if the door lock gets rusty
what if this other shore is the other side of atlantic
what to do if it all hits us in one wave
a smack out of the blue
a bite of real reality
please tell us would you do this to us sandy?

or should I just not care and open the door and let it in
and perhaps even walk out in my new shoes
two little boats the fate of which is now utter uncertainty
all this to meet sandy

you see the best part is I don’t even know if all the panic isn’t just for fun
just for halloween just for the elections teach me america how serious you are
you’re so big america that maybe a hurricane fits you
it’s just proportional with the skyscrapers and avenues
at home we never have hurricanes and no one calls the rain katrina or sandy
it’s just some formless water falling over some people tired even of their own identities
and we also don’t have the ocean
what we have is the tiny sea but in order to see it
you still have to cross some borders
so even now america I feel I’m on a tiny deserted island
opaque times
east europe
in my own compact waterproof dream
while someone is just screaming in my ear: saaaandy saaaandy  



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