sâmbătă, 16 februarie 2013

a FLARF poem -

two automatic doors, synchronized

I want simple Open Dialog

I feel like I was hurting your leather gloves

defibrillator shall be used

low noise

poor robot Should have a job

make a Self in most desirable shape

it is going to show us

two zones
Eastern Door

North/South quirk

Teleologic Doors

doors with two synchronized wings

leaves fully synchronized

Automatic doors opening for each other

something like this

moving system of left/right doors on loop

perfect wiring

synchronization was incomplete
No Temple Door Open
ajar and forced

door claims obstacle

door goes unpunished

when a door is not synchronized fawns choke

chickens may be to blame, but I don't know

just make sure to fly
beige plurality of wings

try using sky roundtrip

or a dead bus

start and stop internal clocks

synchronized with the pulse

current time and date must be cut


as early as the 1930s

 “standing/walking”, “lying” and “eating”

synchronized skating teams
style of the first game

and much more

visits at a crime scene

We investigated the behaviour of

master-slave function

driver and passenger

when networked together

12 people between 4 readers

synchronize your books

stay synchronized

two fully automatic memories

will move throughout arena including meeting rooms

The Do-not-disturb sign will hang on the door

will keep mutual exclusion


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